Flexible customized solutions
built from modular components

Flexible solutions to your needs

Imagine a stock filled only with triangles; the triangles are all in one size but in different colours. These triangles can be put together into large hexagons in a vast number of combinations. This is a very simplified explanation of Aagaard A/S's FLEXIMODULAR concept. We have modules "on stock" which we can put together so that customer's demands are met 100 % - and preferably more.



Turnkey Solutions
Drying Tunnels
Complete Spraying Systems
Spray Booths
Sanding Tables
Heavy Duty Heat Exchangers

Storage &
Transport Solutions

Turnkey Solutions
Steel Silos
High Efficiency Outfeeders
Chain Conveyor Systems
Pneumatic Transport Systems
ATEX approved Rotary Valves
Screw Conveyors Truck- and Container Loader Systems

Filters & Dust
Extraction Systems

Turnkey Solutions
ATEX approved Chain filters
Conveyor & Screwconveyor
Rotary Valve Filters
Bag- & Binfilters
Returnair & Ducting
Cyclones & Multicyclones
High Efficiency Fans