Box sorting

Brødbæk & Co. offers a wide range of box sorting systems for various applications. From simple sorting by width, length and thickness to a complete 3D scanning by length, width, thickness and quality sorting.

Box sorting is primarily used when the raw material is unsorted logs, thus a larger number of sorting allocations is required.

The sorting systems can be fed by the main saw line, profiling line, edging line or destacking line.

The system is equipped with push bar conveyor leading the timber into vertical boxes with hydraulic sinking pockets.

Each box has the capacity of more than one wood pack.

The contents of the pockets are gently unloaded onto a chain conveyor transporting the boards towards a stacking line.

Brødbæk & Co. has supplied many systems over the past decade; the size varying from 10 to 50 boxes


Speed Feeder getting a secure grip 
BCO Speed Feeder getting a secure grip 

Sorting line with 50 boxes
Box sorting line with 50 boxes    

Timber is gently unloaded


                                                                                                                                                                                 Videoclip: Box sorting line
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Box sorting line