Tray sorting

Brødbæk & Co. offers a wide range of tray sorting systems for various applications. From simple sorting by width, length and thickness to a complete 3D scanning by length, width, thickness and quality sorting.

The sorting systems can be fed by the main saw line, profiling line, edging line or destacking line.

Tray sorting is primarily used when the raw material is sorted logs.

It is possible to have more than 10 trays in a system. Each tray has the capacity of more than one wood pack. 

It is possible to start filling a tray while it is being unloaded. In this way only one tray per dimension is needed. Trays are very suitable for timber which is difficult to sort and handle.

Systems up to 6 trays are unloading onto a waterfall singulator incorporated in the tray conveyor. If more than 6 trays are used, the trays unload onto a chain conveyor leading the boards to a singulator.

After the singulator the boards are fair-ended and delivered layer by layer to stacker or cross-cut saw.


Tray sorting
Tray sorting long side boards 

Tray sorting pallet boards  
Tray sorting short pallet boards    


Videoclip: Tray sorting line
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